Flight - Doris Lessing

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Flight is about an old man who is annoyed at the fact that his granddaughter, Alice has got a boyfriend. He selfishly wants his granddaughter to be single and stay with grandfather forever. Towards the end of the story, Steven- Alice's boyfriend - brings grandfather a gift of a new pigeon. This makes granfather happy, and towards the end, grandfather releases his favourite pigeon.


Grandfather - Stern and selfish, he doesn't seem to like Alice being happy, he get's annoyed even when she is in the garden without Steven. Although towards the end, he realises he has to let Alice have freedom, he shows this by letting his favourite pigeon go.
Lucy(girl's mother) - She isn't an important character throughout the story, but she supports Alice in that she should be allowed to have more freedom.
Alice - Get's annoyed by grandfather, she want's to be her own person. At the end, she feels sympathy towards…


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