character of Macbeth

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  • Macbeth
    • brave hero
      • only at the start
      • "Bellona"s bidegroom"
        • comparing him to Mars, God of war.
      • "disdaining fortune,with his brandished steel,which smoked with bloody execution"
        • his fighting skills is not due to luck and uses sword so quickly it smoked.
      • "for brave Macbeth-well he deserved that name "
    • brutal murder
      • "give to the edge of the knife his wife,his babes"
        • juxtaposition of innocence and violence. will kill anything in his way.
      • "hell-hound"
        • In Greek mythology is a creature who guarded the underworld.
      • "dead butcher"
        • killed for no reason and with no regret.
      • "he unseamed him from the nave to th"chaps"
        • at the start he was praised for his violence and at the end he was hated for his violence.
      • "Banquo"s thy soul's flight,If it find heaven,must find it tonight"
        • Kills him with less hestitaion
    • ambitious
      • "vaulting ambition"
        • horse riding metaphor
      • "black and deep desires
        • alliteration
      • "even till destruction sicken: answer me"
        • doesn't care about the consequence
    • struggles with his conscience


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