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English Literature
The FULL guide!
GCSE…read more

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The Exam
· Section A: Post-1914 Prose (Short Stories e.
g Flight, Chemistry)
· Section B: Pre-1914 + Post 1914 Poetry
(Heaney, Clarke and the "old poems" e.g
Sonnet)…read more

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Covering in this Powerpoint:
· Section A ofSpecification A of the English
Literature GCSE.
· This includes the Short Stories,
· Exam Technique,
· Practice Questions…read more

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Section A
Post-1914 Prose…read more

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· Flight · Analysing Prose
· Superman · Comparing Prose
· Your Shoes · Exam Tips
· Growing Up · Example Questions
· The End Of
· Chemistry
· Snowdrops…read more

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Analysing Prose
Subject of the text,
tells the reader how
the author feels Settings Characters
about the situation. When/Where the The people in the
scene is set e.g story, refer to what
Wartime. they say, do, react
Structure/Style to and respond to.
How the text is organised/written. This could be: Narrative, Tone,
Emotive Language, Mood etc.
Also Consider
The purpose and the effect
on the reader…read more

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