Fighting Disease / Past and Future

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Semelweiss - 'The one who cut deaths by using anti septics'

  • When he was working in Vienna in the 1840s, he saw somen were dying in huge numbers after childbirth from a disease named 'puerperal fever'
  • He thought doctors were spreading the disease on unwashed hands. By telling doctors to use an antiseptic solution he cut the death rate from 12% to 2%
  • The antiseptic solution killed bacteria on doctors' hands, though semmelweiss didnt know this (the existence of bacteria was discovered 20 years later). Unfortunately, Semmelweiss couldn't prove why is idea worked, and his methods were dropped when he left the hospital.

Why is antibiotic resistance becoming more common?

  • MRSA Bacteria are already resistant to certain antibiotics, overuse of antibiotics has made this even worse, by increasing the likelihood…


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