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Intensive farming improves productivity
Chemical Pesticides Biological Pesticides
· Herbicides kill weeds- · Reduce number of pests
removes competition · May become a pest
· Fungicides kill fungal themselves
infections which damage · Can affect other non pest
crops species less cost effective
· May affect other organisms · Apply once- will reproduce
· Bioaccumulation
· Can be expensive
· Cost may be greater than
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· Site of aerobic respiration
· Stage 1 glycolysis occurs in cytoplasm (glucose to
· Link reaction converts pyruvate to acteyl
coenzyme A
· Reduced NAD is produced
· Acetyl co A joins with a 4 C compound in the Kreb'
s cycle
· Products of Kreb's cycle are used in oxidative
phosphorylation to produce lots of ATP…read more

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· Involves phosphorylation of glucose
· Glucose is the split into 2 molecules of triose
· 2 ATP molecules are used
· Triose phosphate is the oxidised to pyruvate.
It loses Hydrogen
· Hydrogen makes reduced NAD…read more

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Kreb's cycle…read more

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