Extended Mock Exam Preparations

  • Austen effectively exposes the immediacy of a single wealthy man "to be in want of a wife"
  • When writing a response to an assertion, immediately begin with a strong point of view. Develop into utilising quotations and scenes effectively.
  • The absurdities of Mr Collins and Lydia Bennet: For example, in Mr Collins letter to Mrs Gardiner regarding Lydia's elopement
  • Austen creates vivid and memorable characters
  • TYW- Charlotte Lucus and Mr Collins
  • Charlotte and Johh- both couples are in a loveless marraige
  • Mr Collins and John- condescending attitudes towards women
  • John's authority and disregard makes him ignorant of her true thoughts and feelings
  • Austen's use narrative technique- Darcy is a concealed character
  • The Netherfield ball- taciturn 
  • Although Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance, there is no indication of affection which she naturally interprets as part of his aloofness. Elizabeth is assertive of her opinions, and Darcy gives a gracious response


Kaveh Behrooz


Not the best spelling and btw it's marrIAge not marrAIge

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