Explanations Of Memory

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Bartlett.1932.- The reconstructive approach.
He said we use schemas which is existing knoweledge to understand new information and impose some sort of meaning on it.

He did research into this theory in the form of his 1932 study. His aim was to test the idea that people use existing knoweledge to understand new information. His method involved giving participants the war of the ghosts to read. Once they had read it, they were asked to recall everything that they could remember about the story. Over varying periods of time from a few hours to several months. Bartlett found that participants added their own meaning to the story and reconstructed their memories to try and make sense of the information. He also noticed that they. Missed out some details and added new details. Added emphasis to some parts. Changed the order of the incidents. He conluded that we use schemas to help us fill in gaps in our memories.

Multi store model of memory. Atkinson and Shiffrin.1968.
They suggested memory has different stores, the proposed memory is a process that goes through a series of different stores.
Sensory memory is first where…


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