Explanation of Forgetting - Retrieval Failure.

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Retrieval failure (sometimes called CUE-DEPENDENT FORGETTING) is a problem of accessibility in the LTM. Information has been stored in the LTM but there aren't sufficient cues availible to ACCESS/TRIGGER the memory at the present time. This is often reffered to as 'tip of the tongue' forgetting.

Cue- In the context of memory a cue is 'any stimulus that can trigger or recall information'.

There are two types of cue-dependent forgetting

Context-Dependent forgetting

This refers to the place/situation/room.

Memory is enhanced i these context cues are present when we are trying to recall, but recall is made more difficult if they are absent. 

This is consistent with Tulving 'encoding specificity principle'= that if recall is improved if the retrieval context is similar to the encoding context. 

State dependent forgetting

Cues need not always be environmental…


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