Explaining Class Differences in crime

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Functionalism - 

  • The reason crime is committed is due to the inadequate or inappropriate socialisation into the shared values.
  • Modern Societies and their complex division of labour, different groups and classes may have their own subcultures. 
  • Miller - the lower class has own subculture and shared norms and values. This clashes with the mainstream shared values and norms. 
  • toughness and pursuit excitement as a conforming norm - conflict with the law. 

Strain Theory - 

  • Deviant behaviour is because they can't achieve legitimately. 
  • Merton - lower classes result in deviance due to American Society class structure denies working class the opportunity to achieve the 'money success' that America values highly. (American Dream) 
  • Linking with Education due to their lack of educational success - labelling, a to c, educational triage etc. they can't achieve legitimately. So they seek other ways of achieving.  
  • Innovation - the use of 'new' deviant means such as 'theft', 'fraud', or other property crime to gain wealth. 
  • Explains why working class has a higher utilitarian rate as middle class. 

Subcultural theories - 

  • Cohen - working-class youths as culturally deprived…


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