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  • Gender, Crime and Justice
    • Gender patterns in crime
      • do women commit more crime?- OS under represent female crime
        • female crimes are less likely to be reported shoplifting. Prostitution both engage in- not report
        • even when are reported less likely to be reported or let off lightly
      • The Chivalry thesis
        • argues most criminal justice agent police, judges are socialized to act in a chivalrous way to women- this affects OS means women are under represented
        • Pollack argues that men have a protective attitude to women
    • explaining female crime
      • 1.functionalist sex role theory
        • Parsons- differences in crime and deviance to gender role.
      • 2.heidensohn: patriarchal control
      • 3.Carlen:class and gender
      • 4. Liberation thesis
    • why do men commit crime?
      • Untitled
      • Masculinity and crime
      • feminists argue that


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