Evidence for a That? Part 2

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  • the first summit meeting of Soviet and American leaders since Potsdam in 1945
  • attended by Eisenhower, Khrushchev, Eden and Faure
  • hopes were high that the new 'Geneva Spirit' of cooperation would produce results
  • the issue of German reunification was brought up, Khrushchev would allow a united Germany so long as they were neutral
  • the issue was complicated by the admission of West Germany in NATO, May
  • USA saw West Germany due to its georgraphical position as central defence of west europe
  • Khrushchev suggested NATO and Warsaw Pact be dismantled and replaced by a system of collective security
  • Eisenhower called for 'open skies' whereby spy planes could fly over each others territory to verify arms agreement, Khrushchev refused


  • an attempt by Khrushchev to move away from the policies of Stalin
  • criticised…


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