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Using the list below, complete the table to distinguish between long-term memory and short-term memory (3 marks)

Using the multi-store model of memory, outline how information is transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory (2 marks)

Outline the key features of the working memory model (6 marks)

Explain one strength of the working memory model (4 marks)

Outline two strategies that Kate might use to improve recall and explain why each of the strategies you suggest should improve recall (6 marks)

Identify which is a leading question, A or B, and explain why it is a leading question (3 marks)

Explain why studies of eyewitness testimony have been criticised as lacking validity (5 marks)

Which concepts from, duration, capacity, encoding and retrieval match the definitions (2 marks)

Outline the main features of the multi-store model of memory

Explain why revision can be used a criticism of the multi-store model of memory (4 marks)

Outline how one research study investigated the accuracy of eyewitness testimony (EWT)(4 marks)

Explain one strategy the student teacher could use, and explain why this might improve her memory for pupils names (4 marks)

Explain how a cognitive interview differs from a standard interview (4 marks)

Identify and explain two techniques used in the cognitive interview (6 marks)

Explain how visual tasks and verbal tasks relate to the working memory model (4 marks)

Give an example of a verbal task and a visual task which could be used during a brain scan (2 marks)

Tick two of the boxes below to indicate which of the following are features of the working memory model (Serial position curve, incidental learning store, central executive and phonological loop) (2 marks)

Explain one strength and one weakness of the working memory model (4 marks)

How was Peter's short-term memory after the accident different from most adults' short-term memory? (2 marks)

Does this case study support the multi-store model of memory? Explain your answer (4 marks)

Describe what research has shown about the effect on the age of eye witness on the accuracy of eyewitness testimony (6 marks)

Outline one or more ways to improve memory (4 marks)

Label this diagram of Atkinson and Shiffrin's multi-store model of memory (3 marks)

Describe strategies for memory improvement (5 marks)

Describe one way in which psychologists have investigated the duration of short-term memory. In your answer, you should include details of stimulus materials used, what participants were asked to do and how duration was measured (4 marks)

Outline how the student could have used a cognitive interview to investigate this event. Include at least one example of what the participants would be asked to do (4 marks)

Explain how anxiety may have effected eyewitness testimony of this event. Refer to psychological research in your answer (6 marks)


What factors, other than the acoustic and semantic encoding, would the experimenter have to consider when selecting words to use in a list to read aloud to the participants (3 marks)

Which type of




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