Ethnicity Studies

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Gilroy - Black Expressive Culture

- No single black culture

- contributed to mainstream popular culture - music,dance,dress

- common themes run through black cultures - history of slavery, bitter experience

Gilroy - Ethnic Identities and Resistance

- Young Afro Carribbeans

- adopt identities from history/popular culture to challenge racism/exclusion

- ganster rap symbolizes feelings of white oppression

Ghuman - Family

- Asian Parents

1. respect elders, be obdient and loyal

2. choice of education left to parents - know best for their future

3. choice of marital partner left to parents - teach negatives of love marraiges and pre-marital sex

4. Role of mother tongue - keep links between generations

5. Religios training - important

Ghuman - Education

-  Mosque - centre of religious/educational activities

- influence how parents…


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