Ethnic Differences in Achievement

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  • Ethnic Differences in Achievement
    • External Factors
      • Cultural Deprivation
        • Intellectual and linguistic skills
        • Attitudes and Values
        • Family Structure and Parental Support
      • Material deprivation and class
        • Ethnic Minorities Often more likely to face substandard housing and low income
      • Racism in Wider Society
        • John Rex- social exclusion worsens poverty faces by ethnic minorities
    • Internal Factors
      • Labelling and Teacher Racism
        • Black Pupils- Gillborn and Youdell, seen more likely to have discipline problems
        • Asian Pupils- Cecil Wright, left out of class discussion as seen to have poor grasp of British Culture and Language
      • Pupil Responses and Subcultures
        • Fuller's Study of Black female Pupils who rejected negative labels
        • Sewell; the rebels, the conformists, the retreatists and the innovators among boys
      • Enthnoentric Curriculum
        • Curriculum gives priority to White culture and English
        • English representation can often make other cultures look inferior and affect a ethnic feel inferior?
      • Institutional Racism
        • Racism that is inbuilt in the way institutions such as schools and colleges operate
        • Ethnic Pupils are routinely disadvantages by this
      • Selection and Segregation
        • Gillbourn believes maketisation discriminates against ethnic pupils as schools can discrimnate against "problem students


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