Essay Plan - What Role did Britain play in the defeat of Napoleon?



  • Navy: Naval domination at BoTrafalgar 1805 -> no BR ships lost and prevented invasion; Protected BR trade routes; attacked FRA colonies and blockaded. However FRA land defeats help make sure that navy defeats are possible
  • Little contribution from army -> not as good as navy. BR preferred to spend £18M subsidising allies, but this was ineffectively used before 1808. Never more than 60000 BR troops in ESP, although they held their own.
  • BWS deprived Napoleons economy
  • But PRU had to help BR at Waterloo


  • BR = persistent for alliances
  • 3rd coalition: BR, PRU, HRE (AUT and PRU). Involved declaration of war, BoTrafalgar and BoAusterlitz 1805 -> defeats RUS and HRE dissolves
  • 6th coalition: BR, PRU, POR, AUT, RUS and eventually ESP. Involved partial


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