English Language word classes

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English Language- Word classes 

Word Class

Description/ Function



They are name of things and people. There are different ways of classifying nouns

See examples below!

Proper noun

Capital letters are given to individual names such as a name, city, country

Walt Disney, Australia, Atlantic Ocean

Abstract noun

Name ideas- name nouns that you can’t perceive with your five senses

Religion, fear, communication

Concrete noun

Name nouns that you could perceive with your five senses.

House, banana, ocean

Collective noun

Name of groups of people and things. We can treat these as plural or singular.

Team, class, committee

Countable noun

Have a number that you can count

Cat- Cats, woman-women, fox-foxes

Non- countable noun

They do not have a plural

Bread, sheep


To modify nouns, these come in front of the noun and after the noun

Before- The blue sky

After- The president elect

Comparative adjective

Compare something with one other thing

A quicker router, a more beautiful scene

Superlative noun

Compare something with two or more things

The quickest route, the most beautiful scene


Doing words- actions, having becoming words


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