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English Language Anthology Section B Disabled
By Wilfred Owen
Stanza 1
The sentence "waiting for the dark" shows that the soldier has
nothing positive to look forward to-only the arrival of the end of
the world. The word "shivered" in line 2 shows that he is
outside and this is backed up by the line "through the park".
This soldier appears to have lost his legs and forearms eg:
"legless, sewn short at elbow." and also the line also describes
that the sleeves of his suit have had to be cut short because of
the loss of his arms.
Voices of boys made him feel sad and it reminded him of his
Introduction childhood, Not long ago he was with these boys Now it seems
like a distant memory. eg: "Voices of boys rang...a hymn" That
The poem is about a shows that the soldier was robbed of his innocence and
soldier who comes home naivety. He is also jealous of the boys he left behind as their
innocence hasn't been destroyed.
from World War I with
missing limbs and how Stanza 2
this disability changes This Stanza 2 is about the narrator reminiscing about how
life. The poet (Wilfred things were used to be before he was injured. This time he
used to go to town and party with his friends.Girls glanced at
Owen) was in military him because he was football hero. If he had not signed/joined
hospital being treated for the army girls would still have admired him. Heroes are not
shell shock.
supposed to be injured. It would appear as if the soldier has
given up on life as much as life has given up on him. He
wallows in self pity. He has unfortunately believed that he is not
Soldiers at that time a real man anymore. He feels pity on himself and he keeps
others away from him.He is projecting his own feelings of
would return home with
disgust on others happiness.
missing body parts or
severely wounded. There Stanza 3
wasn't much to be done Line 14 describes the boy (an artist) who was smitten "Now, he
for many soldiers that is old; his back will never brace;".The addition "last year"
suggest that he did not look like that anymore. His face had lost
were in the front-line, the boyhood charm and has been replaced by a face hard and
due to lack of medical worn by the ravages of war. Despite being young he describes
care. himself as old, "he is old...","He's lost his colour very far from
here," This implies that he has lost a lot of his blood. The
injuries are causing him to realize the reality of war that is that

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English Language Anthology Section B Disabled
war is not something to consider as glorious.
Stanza 4
At one time the sign of blood in ones body was considered good and honourable thing. In this stanza
the poet is reminiscing about when he was listed to join the army. It was after a football game when he
was drunk that he signed to join the army which "he wonder why.…read more

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English Language Anthology Section B Refugee Blues
by W.H. Auden
The speaker is talking to someone "My dear" (perhaps his
wife), The language and tone is very conversational. Each
stanza intensifies the situation in the poem. The first
stanza brings out that the refugees are homeless. Though
there are millions in the city all of whom have some kind
of home but the refugees have nowhere to go.
W.H. Auden (1907-1973) In stanza 2,the couple cannot stay in their country.…read more

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English Language Anthology Section B Refugee Blues
The Setting of the poem
· The Refugees are in a vast city which still has no accommodation for the Jews. eg: "not one
of them was ours..."
· The freedom and comfort of animals is contrasted unfavourably with the Jews situation. eg:
"saw fish swimming as if they were free..."
· Jews are presented as isolated in a vast winter landscape.…read more

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English Language Anthology Section B An Unknown Girl
by W.H. Auden
Structure and Form
It is a free verse, which suits the narrators exploration
of thought. As one long verse it flows like a stream,
like consciousness as she describes what is
happening in and around her.
The poem is visually pleasing and is centred layout is
Introductions! reminiscent of her newly decorated henna hand.…read more

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English Language Anthology Section B An Unknown Girl
The personal inner conflict between cultures that the narrator experiences is also
demonstrated publicly by the shop dummies. Whose sport "western perms" and other
likewise posters for `Miss India'. A competition for western origin perhaps require a
modern or less modest presentation. Then the Indian culture traditionally advocates
The simple act of hennaing the hand has initiated a powerful sense of yearning by the
narrator of her roots.…read more

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English Language Anthology Section B Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom
by Marcia Douglas
Stanza 1
The First word "Then" takes the reader straight into
the action as though it was a story. The names that
are used makes us feel as if it is a real scenario. E.g:
"Cocoa Bottom is a small Village which may or may
not exist". But the word "Cocoa Bottom" sounds
convincing. The language used gives a sense of
importance and suspense.…read more

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English Language Anthology Section B Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom
Stanza 2
There is a contrast between the beginning of the stanza and end of the last one. The
single exclaimed word "Light" conveys the way light burst into brightness when current
was switched on.
The starkness of the light shown by Mr.Samuels appearing in silhouette (A portrait
shortly standing out against the background light)
After the Dramatic shortening of lines they let them again gathering momentum. The
writer has used words imaginatively.…read more

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English Language Anthology Section B The Last Night
by Sebastian Faulks
This extract comes from a much larger novel known
as Charlotte Gray. It is set in France which was
occupied and controlled by the Germans during the
2nd world war. Jewish people including two small
children are waiting to be taken to a concentrated
camp. The two children are Andrew and Jacob. At
the concentration camp they will face death,
however they may not be fully be aware of this.…read more

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English Language Anthology Section B The Last Night
treated as a traitor to the German Nazis because he helps the deportees.
Commandant/Policemen - They seem to be going about their Jobs with a lot of
Gendarme(s) - A Policeman who seems to be actively involved in what's going on.
The unknown Woman - She is an ordinary French wife who is trying to help by
throwing food to the deportees, even though they never reach them .…read more


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