English Descriptive writing

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 One of the most hysterical school days was when my best friend was having an extremely unfortunate day at school, we were walking towards our french class and she stepped on some chewing gum which she couldn't get of her now-dirty leather shoes. As we neared the door we caught the elevator as she didnt want to trip up the winding stairs.

So we were stood in the elevator with my other friends, Andrew and Cameron, once the elevator had reached the top of the school (which seemed never eneding) I hopped out and she carefully walked out remebering the chewing gum on her shoe. We quickly ran towards the ladies bathroom and tried to get it of however the chewing gum remained fixtated to her small size 5 shoes.

We left and headed to class where she then tripped into the room, consequently falling over. The whole class begun to laugh even though it wasn't that funny. Until she noticed what they were all laughing at...

She had split her


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