English Language GCSE Questions Breakdown

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  • English Language GCSE
    • Paper 2 -Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives
      • Q1: Choose four statements below which are true/false (4)
      • Q3: Refer to one source only. How does language influence ...? (12)
      • Q4: Use all of both sources. Compare how the two writers ... (16)
      • Q5: Write a persuasive text, article, letter based on your opinions about a statement (40)
    • Paper 1 - Explorations in creative reading and writing
      • Q1: List four things from the text (4)
      • Q2: How does the writer use language? (8)
      • Q3:How has the writer structured the text to interest you as a reader? (8)
      • Q4: A statement - To what extent do you agree? (20)
      • Q5: Either write a description of the photo or write the start of a story (40)


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