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Temperature and Thermal Energy

If the temperature of an object is hot, the particles move fast. if the temperature of an object is cold, the particles move slowly. When an object is hot, it gains kinetic and thermal energy, making the object expand as the particles move away from each other.

Remember that temperature and thermal energy are different. Temperature describes how hot or cold something is and is given a value measured in degrees Celcius. Thermal energy is a form of energy and tells us how much of the energy there is. It is measured in Joules (J).

You do not get burned by the sparks from a sparkler because even though the spark is a very high temperature. the sparks do not have enough thermal energy to burn your hand as it is very small and therefore has very few particles.

Thermal energy is the total energy due to the movement of molecules and the temperature is related to the average kinetic energy of the particles.

Absolute Zero

Absolute zero is when a substance is cooled down until all of the particles stop moving and it becomes as cold as possible. The…


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