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Conduction is the main method of heat transfer in metals. In conduction heat energy is turned into kinetic energy which makes the particles of a substance vibrate. These particles bumb into particles next to them and this continues until the energy reaches the cooler end as heat always goes from hot to cold. Metals are the best conductors of heat as the particles in a metal are very tightly packed. Metals also contain large amounts of free electrons. These electrons are called delocalised so the ions float on the sea of electrons. This allows heat to be transfered more easily. Liquids and gases are called insulators. This is beacuse the particles in them are further apart. Some solids like plastics have further apart particles than metals. Cooking pots should be made from conductors so the heat can cook food. Insulators like double glazing windows should be used in the home so that heat is not lost thus saving money.



Convection takes place in a fluid. Fluids are poor conductors of heat and use convection as their main method…


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