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Give the definition for Joules.
The unit of measuring energy.(J)
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What is kinetic energy?
The energy in movement.
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What is magnetic energy?
The energy in magnets.
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What is gravitational potential?
Stored energy in raised/ above ground objects.
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What is chemical energy?
Stored energy in food, fuels and batteries.
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What is sound energy?
The energy released by vibrating objects.
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What is electrical energy?
The energy in moving or static electrical charges.
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What is elastic potential?
The energy in stretched or squashed objects.
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What is Nuclear energy?
The energy stored in the nuclei of an atom.
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What is thermal energy?
The energy that comes from heat.
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What is light energy?
The energy that we can see and comes from light.
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What is the conservation law of energy?
Energy can't be created or destroyed it can only change forms.
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What is the energy in and energy out of a car?
The energy in is chemical energy and the energy out is kinetic, sound, heat and light energy.
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What is the useful and wasted energy in a light bulb?
The useful energy is light energy and the wasted energy is thermal energy.
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What would you need to make the energy in the same as the energy out?
100J went in and 100J has to come out.
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What is kinetic energy?


The energy in movement.

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What is magnetic energy?


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What is gravitational potential?


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What is chemical energy?


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