Egyptian Medicine

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Ancient Egypt 

The Ancient Egyptians stopped being nomadic, which meant they settled in one place. They settled by the Nile because it was a great source of water and interrogation for growing crops. 

Because they had stopped being nomadic, they developed a way of writing so they could keep medical records, ideas and pass them on. They wrote on papyrus scrolls (weaved reeds) and wrote in hieroglyphics. 

Where they settled was a great place for trade: They had the Mediterranean sea above them and the red sea to the right of them. This also helped keep them safe as it was hard for other colonies to attack them. Because the Egyptians spent so much time near the Nile, they developed boats to travel down. Using these ships, they could travel to other areas in South Africa, India, China and Europe. Trade helped give the Egyptians a wide understanding of herbal remedies which lead to more wealth. 

They developed new technology such as tools for constructing and surgical equipment. 

The River Nile was what made the Egyptians so wealthy. They were able to easily grow crops and a surplus meant they could sell that one and make a profit. Their rich crops and river Nile fertilised the soil giving a rich harvest. This made the people rich so they could have time to learn to write, become a specialised surgeon/craftsman or go into trade. 

However, no medical equipment survived, we only know about them because of drawings. 

The Nile's development




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