Summary of Ancient Egyptian Medicine

summary of the most important features of Egyptian Medicine and surgery for the OCR Medicine Through Time GCSE Course.

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Medicine…read more

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Ancient Egyptian Life
The river Nile:
Made Egyptian farmland good for growing crops.
Sold crops and became wealthy.
Egyptians built ships and used them to buy and sell.
Egyptians believed in many gods and life after death.
Egyptians invented hieroglyphics and papyrus paper.…read more

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Medical Improvements.
Specialist doctors: Bronze tools:
Experts in treating a Wealthy Egyptians could
particular part of the body. pay craftsmen to make
Wealthy Egyptians could stronger, sharper medical
afford this. tools.
Herbal Remedies: Written Records:
Brought herbs from other began to write down
countries and built up large patients symptoms and
collections to make better cures used in order to treat
remedies future patients.
Knowledge of body:
due to religious reasons,
Channels theory:
Egyptians embalmed the
Natural idea on how the
body. This gave them good
body became ill, based on
understanding of where
the channels in the Nile.
internal organs were
placed.…read more

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Egyptians could do small simple surgery. For
example, mending a broken nose.
Egyptians had bronze tools which were sharper
and more accurate that prehistoric times.
Egyptians were unable to stop pain or infection
during surgery.…read more

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Idea's about disease...
· Gods: Egyptians believed the goddess Sekhmet
could bring disease.
· Channels theory: When the channels of the
body are blocked, one is unwell. This theory
was based on the channels in the Nile being
blocked, and thus leading to dead crops. This
was a natural theory.…read more

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Religion and Embalming.
Egyptians embalmed the body for religious reasons. You would
need your organs for life after death.
· Embalming: means removing the organs and preserving the
body by drying it with salt.
· Embalming helped improve medical knowledge-it lead to
Egyptians seeing where different organs were.
· Embalming hindered medical knowledge because the
Egyptians did not take the heart out. Therefore they never
worked out what the heart did. (thought it controlled body!)…read more

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