Ancient Egyptian medicine

Informatino about the progress and regress in the development of medicine

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Ancient Egyptian Medicine
The Egyptians had developed medicine further than the Prehistoric. There were many reasons to
how they were progressing medicine further. The Egyptians had invented the hieroglyphics in order
to be able to read and write their ideas that they had found. The prehistoric didn't know how to read
and write so this progressed medicine further. The Egyptians had also started to produce books too.
However, the Ancient Egyptians had also beliefs in Gods, Goddesses and evil spirits. To most
illnesses they didn't know the most obvious causes so they believed that the gods and Goddesses
were the cause of these diseases and were also the curers of the illness too.
They believed that charms and amulets would keep evil spirits away from them. Also, doctors used
prayers and spells to cure the ill people.
Practical Cures
Although, the Egyptians had many religious beliefs they still used a variety of nature cures that
helped them from illnesses.
Willow bark was used as an antiseptic
Herbal ointments and potions were also used. This still progressed from the prehistoric.
Drugs were used like for example opium and cannabis
Simple operations took place to remove tumours
They stressed in the importance of healthy diets
They used many different surgical equipment.
The ancient Egyptians were able to train as doctors but had to follow strict rules and procedures to
become one.
The Egyptians believed in life after death so this helped medicine progress further as they were able
to see organs inside the body. The Egyptians used to take out all the internal organs that were
present in the body because they felt that it wasn't needed in the next life. By doing this they were
able to identify the organs that were present in the human body. However, they were not allowed
to cut up the organs to see how it works and this made a digression in medicine as they could have
developed medicine further by research and observing the organs more.
Furthermore, the ancient Egyptians emphasised on cleanliness and hygiene. The Egyptians
developed toilets but flush toilets. They used mosquito nets to protect them from malaria. The
Egyptians also believed in changing their clothes everyday due to the Egyptian climate being hot it
helped to keep clean.


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