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Formal Education Act in the UK- until 1870 - only rich children, most of them boys, could attend school provided by churches or charitable institutions. The Education Act suggested that all children from ages 5 to 12 should attend school.

Education is a agent of socialtisation. Education work as a form of child protection, so children could not be forced to work in factories of farms. It also can be seen as a form of social control, due to the learning of how to behave in social conduct.

THEORES of education:
- Emile Durkheim believed education was important as it transmits the core values of society to children.
- Parsons suggested we need schools to build a bridge between family life and the 'wider' world.
-Marxists claim that schools act to train children into capitalism where they learn to accept social inequalities as natural and fair. (e.g  Hidden Curriculum )

History of education - in the 1960's, children beteween the ages of 11 and 15


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