Edexcel A2 Psychology - Criminal Psychology Field Experiments

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Field Experiments:

· Like lab experiments, field experiments are based on a hypothesis and have a researcher manipulated independent variable which is measured against a dependent variable. In Yarmey’s experiment, the hypothesis was that eyewitness testimony would be affected by factors such as a time gap, gender, cognitive interview techniques, being prepared to be a witness, a target wearing a disguise and whether the target was present in a line up or not. The independent variables were those listed in the hypothesis and the dependent variable was the accuracy of eyewitness recall.

· The difference between lab experiments and field experiments is that rather than taking place in tightly controlled settings, field experiments take place in the participant’s natural settings. The aim of field experiments are to assess the real life behaviours of the participants, as opposed to cause and effect relationships.

· An example of a field experiment was Yarmey’s experiment. Participants were approached in public by a target who was either wearing a disguise or not. They were then asked to take part in a


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