Edexcel A2 Psychology Criminological Psychology PowerPoint

Just a revision powerpoint that I made on the Edexcel A2 Psychology Unit 3 Crime chapter. Most of the specification is included, apart from the Pickel 1998, Charlton 2000, Anger Management and Token Economy. I hope you find this useful with revision as I did!!! This is a really good way to revise as taking info from resources and making them into one powerpoint or word document, uses semantic processing which enables higher levels of recall!!

Good Luck

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Psychology Unit 3 Revision
Health and Criminological Psychology…read more

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Defining The Approach
In this section, you need to be able to
define 7 key terms, plus the approach
The definitions for these are on the
following slides.…read more

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Criminological Psychology
Define Criminological Psychology:
Criminological Psychology looks at the
explanations and causes of crime, features
of crime and antisocial behaviour, and also
treatments for crime and antisocial
behaviour. Forensic psychologists are also
concerned with identifying criminals, the
processes involved in court procedures, and
rehabilitation. A key issue in criminological
psychology is the Reliability of Eyewitness
Testimony.…read more

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Define: Crime
An act that is against the law. Criminal acts
are behaviours which are against the law
in a specific society or culture and carry
with them a punishment or
consequence.…read more

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This is the term used to describe the act
of reoffending. This means that a person
who has committed a crime and been
punished or treated for it, then goes and
does it again.…read more

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Define: Token Economy
A scheme to manage behaviour through
rewarding good behaviour and punishing
bad behaviour. This is achieved through
tokens that can be redeemed for luxury
items. This scheme originates from the
learning approach with its principles in
operant conditioning.…read more

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