Easy Way to Remember the FUTURE TENSE

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How to form the Future Tense

For regular er/ir verbs: Take the infinitve form of the verb (e.g. manger, finir)

And then allllll you do is add on the present tense endings for avoir (J'ai, tu as, il a, nous avons, vous avez, ils ont)

Je mangerai / finirai

Tu mangeras / finiras

Il/Elle/On mangera / finira

Nous mangerons / finirons

Vous mangerez / finirez

Ils/Elles mangeront



omg so simple yet so helpful thanks!!

Catriona Easdale

I also had never realised this! Will help a lot for my exam this Friday, thanks :)


Thanx this is so great!

Danae Josephine

Thankyouu! :)

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