GCSE French: The Near Future Tense (Le Futur Proche)

Part 4, the easiest tense in French. Colour coded for your enjoyment.

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The Near Future (Le Futur Proche)
This is basically the easy way of doing the future tense. At GCSE
level it can just be used as the future, but it's always good to know
that it's really meant for the near future.
Use: To talk about something that will happen soon (next week,
tomorrow etc.)
But you can just use it as the future tense. Or if you feel clever you
can use the le futur simple as well as / instead.
It's really really really easy to form. You just need the infinitive and
the present tense conjugation of aller, which you should really
know off by heart but I'm going to put it below anyway.
Je vais
Tu vas
Il/Elle/On va
Nous allons
Vous allez
Ils/Elles vont
If you wanted to say I will go you would take "je vais" and aller
which would give us...
Je + vais + aller = Je vais aller
It's exactly the same for every single verb; there aren't any
irregular verbs for le futur proche. Which is incredibly fortunate is it
I'll write the rest of aller out just in case you're confused.
Tu + vas + aller = tu vas aller (you will go)
Il + va + aller = il va aller (he will go)
Nous + allons + aller = nous allons aller (we will go)
Vous + avez + aller = vous avez aller (you will go)
Ils + vont + aller = ils vont aller (they will go)
How would you say...

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We will eat at seven?
He will leave tomorrow?
They will read?
She will go in to town?
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