Early Tensions between East & West

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Ideological Differences:

Communism (Soviet Union):

  • Only 1 Political Party - Communist.
  • All Industry and Business owned by the State for the benefit of everyone, everyone is equal. 
  • Encourages Communism in other countries

Capitalism (USA):

  • Several Political Parties - voters choose and change the Government
  • Most Industry and Business is privately owned, some people are wealthier than others = competition.
  • Encourages Trade with other countries. 

The Tehran Conference:

  • 1943
  • The first meeting between Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. 
  • Agreed that a Second-front would be opened in France, May 1944.
  • The Soviet Union would enter the war against Japan after Germany's defeat.
  • Poland's borders would be moved expanding and area of Eastern Poland to become part of the Soviet Union

The Yalta Conference:

  • February 1945
  • It was agreed that when Germany was defeated they would have to pay reparation for all the damage and be reduced in size aswell as demilitarised. 
  • European countries would have democratic elections.
  • The Soviet Union would declare War on Japan.
  • Poland would be a 'Soviet Sphere of Influence' but run on a demoratic basis. 

The Potsdam Conference:

  • A council was set up to organise the re-building of Europe. 
  • The Nazi Party was banned and war criminals were prosecuted. 
  • Germany was reduced in size and parts were run by; Britain, France, USA and Soviet Union. 
  • Berlin was also divided up into zones of occupation. 

Outcomes - Tension was increasing between the superpowers and differences between the nations were becoming more obvious, Truman replaced Roosevelt when he died and didn't trust the Soviet Union. 

The Long Telegram:

  • 1946
  • Secret report from Kennan…


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