Discuss 2 or more explanations for the success and/or failure of dieting (9 + 16).

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  • Restraint theory Attempting to not eat actually increases eating
  • Boundary model by Herman and Polivy (1984) dieters stop eating before satiety boundry.
  • AO2 Restraint and overeating HERMAN & MACK 1975 – preload / taste test paradigm
  • Gave participants (dieters and non dieters) a pre-load food either high or low calorie
  • Participants then told they are taking part in a taste preference test.
  • Participants are left alone to do taste test in own time. Key factor is how much they eat.
  • RESULT – dieters ate more in taste test if they had high calorie preload because they haven't had high calorie food in a long time. once they have broken their diet, they might as well carry on
  • White bear study Wegner at al (1987) Asked some participants to NOT…


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