Digital Television


Pay per View

     Pay to watch a programme (Not the whole channel; Just one programme at a time). Can book in advance; Viewer is charged on bill

Impact of Pay per View 

  • Individuals: Potential large bills; Don’t have to pay for whole channel; Can watch programme at any time
  • TV Companies: Extra income; Less revenue from subscription channels
  •  Broadcasters: Facility may be costly to provide ; Payment facility is needed; Encryption required; Need High bandwidths



  •   Viewers can participate by voting; To determine outcome. They could vote for: Favourite 
  •     Voting by Telephone / text message; Web; Interactively on TV


 Impact of Voting

  •   Individuals: Need Premium rate numbers; TV bill charges for interactive voting; Influence on outcome; Frustration if preferred outcome not winner
  • TV Companies: Revenue boosted by voting; Different endings may need recording OR live shows; Unpopular decisions have to be honoured
  •   Broadcasters: Interactive voting facility needs to be made available on set-top box



Game Show Participation

  •   Viewers can answer questions with contestants using Internet or Interactive facility on set-top box
  •      E.g.:  Who Wants to be a Millionaire


Impact of game show participation


  • Individual: viewer feels part of game show; can be frustrating if viewer answers are wrong.


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