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  • Bandwidth is a measure of the capacity of a communication channel.
  •  Amount of data that can be transferred per time period. The range of frequencies available to a communication channel.
  • — Measured in bits per second (bps); 8 Mbps = 8 Mega bits per second; 8 bits = 1 byte; 8Mpbs = 1 Mega byte per second
  •  —More frequencies available to communications channel = higher bandwidth (analogue)
  • — Higher bandwidth = more data per second (digital)
  • — Consider the motorway example (the more lanes in a motorway, the more traffic can go pass a point a any given time).
  • Importance of Bandwidth
  • —What does the user require?
  • —Small data transfer: Bandwidth is not important
  • —Large data transfer: Bandwidth is only important if it


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