BALANCED DIET - eating all the right nutrients the body needs to be healthy. 

A balanced diet should contain all the nutrients + energy needed for sport, so there shouldn't be the need to take supplements.

NUTRIENT - substance that provides nourishment for essential life and growth.

Recomended daily intake:

FEMALES - 1940 kcal

MALES - 2550 kcal

55% Carbohydrates, <30% fat, 15% protein, 5-a-day, 2.5l of water

SUPPLEMENT - substances used to enhance athletic performance. These maninly include vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc.

Water - makes up approx 60-70% of the body. it regulates:

1. Body temperature

2. heart rate

3. transport of essential nutrients

Dehydration - increased perceived effort, decreases level of performance, impairs concentration/judgement.


  • provide muscles with main source for ATP resynthesis.
  • starches stored as glycogen in the liver and muscle cells
  • sugars stored as glucose in the blood
  • glycogen + glucose are broken doen by the anaerobic glycolytic system and the aerobic system.
  • atheltes often eat a diet high in carbs / do carb loading prior to a big event.


  • made of amino


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