Developments in Versailles


The Debate of the Vote:

  • 3rd estate demanded twice as many deputies and insisited voting by head 
  • Decemeber 1788 King's council agreed to double the numbers 
  • 3rd estate think they have power here
  • King Louis XVI is still in control

Electing the Deputies:

  • government made no attempt to influecne EG and had no candidates 
  • 1st estate elected parish priests to represent them
  • 2nd estate mainly had old noble families
  • 3rd estate were all well educated-not a single peasant
  • 1st estate in control-radical and more parishes
  • Louis is still in control 

Estates finally meet:

  • When the EG met the government had a chance to take control of the situation
  • 3rd estate were inexperienced and would have supported the king 
  • 3rd estate's concerns were not settled
  • No one leading

Vote by order or head?:

  • Nobles rejected 3rd estate's proposals and declared…


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