Describe and evaluate equity theory of romantic relationships

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  • Equity theory is an explaination of relationship maintenance based on motivation to achieve fairness and balance in a relationship and is an extention of social exchange theory
  • Equity is different to equality with equality meaning things are the same whereas equity is based on things being fair
  • Therefore, equity theory believes the amount an individual puts in to a relationship should be the same as what they get out of a relationship
  • Inequity in a relationship, where a partner may feel they are putting in more than they are getting out which can lead to dissatisfaction. Equally, being over benefitted can lead to guilt and shame thus causing dissatisfaction
  • If inequity is recognised within the relationship then an opportunity occurs to make adjustments in the relationship in order to realign equity
  • Realignment can be physical which might involve redistribution of chores around the house or it could be cognative which may involve changing the way of thinking about rewards and costs 


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