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By Melaina Neal…read more

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Theories of Love
Sternberg suggested love as a triangular
theory, which includes three com of
passion, commitment and intimacy.
-Passion + Commitment = Fatuous love
-Passion + Intimacy = Romantic love
-Commitment + Intimacy =Companionate
But a combination of all three; Passion +
Commitment + Intimacy =Consummate
love.…read more

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Sternberg's Theory of Love
Sternberg suggests various combinations can
make a type of love, however a
combination of all three is ideal; Passion +
Commitment + Intimacy =Consummate
However Sternberg
says this is hard
to achieve...…read more

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Theories of Love again..
· Fisher also suggested a theory of love; this
is a more linear theory. Which includes
lust, romantic love and attachment.
· Fisher described lust is an obsession-like
state with someone, whereas romantic love
still has that passion but the obsession has
dimmed down a bit. Attachment is a strong
emotional bond with the other person, but
a more communal love.…read more

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Fisher's Theory of Love
Fisher's theory has been linked to
research in brain activity, as there
are physiological changes in the
brain and hormonal system when
someone has strong liking or love
for another person.…read more

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-Aron, Fisher, Mashek, Strong, Li and Brown;
found that romantic love involved dopamine
activity in the motivation areas of the brain.
-Zeki and Bartels and Zeki; found
that romantic love activates
oxytocin receptor areas.
These scans were different from
those people in non romantic
relationships.…read more

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