Demand for water

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Demand for Water

Factors that cause demand for water to change

Change in population size

  • population may grow because of birth rate higher than death rate and immigration
  • migrants may move from other countries or within a country

Change in living standards

  • in poor countries where no piped supply, domestic water use may be limited to the amount that can be carried from the source (could be nearest river)
  • as piped water becomes available + people become more affluent, they buy more appliances which use water e.g. washing machines and dish washers or recreational uses e.g. swimming pools.
  • although modern appliances designed to use less water still link between affluence and water consumption


  • different industries have different water requirements e.g. irrigation uses more water than all other human uses combined
  • subsitence agriculture uses water naturally available, adapting type of farming if water is problem e.g. nomadic herding rather…


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