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Decay; is the process involving the break down of complex subtances in to smaller pieces/chemicals.


1) Dead/Decay/Detritus Material

2) Detritvores (earthworms, maggots) feed on them, where they break the organic decay material in to smaller pieces and therefore produce a larger surface area 

3) Decomposers (bacteria and fungi) break down these small organic materials. They convert it in to ammonium compounds that are absorbed by plants

4)They release enzymes, partially digesting dead organic material and feed on them

  • The 2 main groups of decomposers are bacteria and fungi
  • Dead and decaying material are called detritus
  • Bacteria and fungi are types of saprophytes
  • Feeding on dead, organic material is called Saprophytic Nutrition
  • The above organisms increase the rate of decay by breaking up dead or decaying, therefore it has a larger surface area. This means that it can be broken down faster by the decomposers.
  • Other organisms help decomposers do their…


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