B4g Decay- Summary Sheet

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Process of Decay

  • Materials that can decay can be recycled.
  • Key factors in the process of decay:
  • presence of micro-organisms
  • temperatue
  • oxygen
  • moisture
  • The effects of chnging temperature and the amounts of oxygen and water on the rate of decay:
  • effect on microbial respiration
  • effet on growth and reproduction of micro-organisms
  • Detritivores feed on dead and decaying material (detrius): earthworms, maggots, woodlice.
  • Detritivores increase the rate of decay: poduce larger surface area
  • Saprophyte- rganisms which obtain nutrients from dead organic matter.
  • Explain that decay involves saprophytic nutrition by bacteria and fungi.
  • State that micro-oraginsms are used to:
  • break down human waste
  • break down plant waste
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