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Question 1
What four things 1. Presence of
micro organisms
are needed in the
process of decay? 2. Temperature
3. Oxygen
4. Moisture…read more

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Question 2
How can Materials can
materials be decay and can
recycled? therefore be
recycled…read more

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Question 3
1. Two samples of soil are collected
2. One sample is heated but not burned
Describe an 3. Both samples are weighed and then
experiment to show put in sealed flasks containing
that decay is caused 4. After two days the soil samples are
by decomposers re-weighed
5. Only the fresh soil sample loses
(bacteria and fungi) mass
6. The limewater in the flask containing
the fresh soil turns from clear to
7. This shows that carbon dioxide is
produced…read more

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Question 4
Name two things 1. Breaking down
human waste
that micro
organisms can be
used for 2. Breaking down
plant waste
(compost)…read more

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Question 5
1. Canning
Name six food 2. Cooling
3. Freezing
techniques that
4. Drying
reduce the rate of
decay 5. Adding salt / sugar
6. Adding vinegar…read more

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