Data protection act


introduced to limit the amount of information companies can hold about individuals

key terms

  • data controller- decides how data will be collected, created, stored, organised and used
  • data processor- person who retrieves data under the authority of the data controller
  • data subject- person who is identified by the data
  • personal data- data that relates to a living, identifiable person
  • processing- obtaining, recording or holding of data
  • recipients- given the data to do something with and are employed by the data controller
  • third party- person recieving data form processing

individuals rights

  • right to subject access- allowed to see what information a company holds about you
  • right to prevent processing likely to cause damage or distress- if processing cause high level or damage and distress you can ask the company to stop
  • right to prevent processing for direct marketing- companies need your permission to use your personal data to send you marketing materials. if you recieve unwanted mail you can be asked to be removed from their mailing…


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