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ICT Legislation…read more

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The Data Protection Act
Gives rights to people who have data stored
about them. There are 8 Principals:
1. Data must not be processed unless lawful reason to do so
2. Data must only be obtained & used for specified purposes
3. Should only store as much data as is required
4. Data must be accurate and up to date
5. Data should not be kept longer than necessary
6. Should meet the legal rights of the data subjects
7. Data holders should protect data against loss
8. Data should not be transferred abroad…read more

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The Data Protection Act
Information Commissioner: Person who has
the power to enforce the Act
Data Controller: Person or Company that
collects and keeps data about people
Data Subject: Person who has data about
them stored outside their direct control…read more

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What rights do we have as
data subjects?
To be supplied with the data held about us;
To change incorrect data;
To prevent data being used about us if it will
cause distress;
To stop data being used in attempts to sell us
To use the law to gain compensation.…read more

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Are there any exemptions to the Data
Protection Act?
Any data held for National Security reasons e.g. MI5
Police can access personal information in order to solve
The taxman can access personal information to ensure
people pay their tax!
Any data held for domestic purposes at home e.g.
birthday lists, address books…read more

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Copyright, Design and
Patents Act
Illegal to copy a file without permission
from the owner or copyright holder
3 ways that this is often broken
1. Using software without proper licence
2. Downloading text or images from the
3. Copying a computer program you use at
work and running it on a computer at
home…read more

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