The Data Protection Act 1998


The Data Controller is the person whose responisibilty it is in an organisation to control the way that personal data is processed.

A Data Subject is the living individual whom the personal information is about.

The Information Commisioner is the person responsible for enforcing the Act. They also promote good practice and make everyone aware of the implications of the Act.

Personal Data is data about a living identifiable person, which is specific to that person.

What Data is Classed as Personal Data?

The DPA 1998 refers to personal data. Personal Data is:

- Data about an identifiable person

- Who is alive

- And is specific to that person.

The data subject must be capable og being identified from the information. Usually this would mean that the name and address would be part of the the data but it could be that the person could be identified simply by the other data given. Data specific to a particular person would include:

- Medical History

- Credit History

- Qualifications

- Religious Beliefs

- Criminal Records

The padlock/signpost symbol is used to alert individuals to the fact that their personal data is being collected. The symbol directs them to sources that will explain how their information is to be used.

Personal Data Held about You


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