Crime and Deviance Gender Revision

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Official Crime Statistics and Gender

  • According to the official statistics, women commit relatively few crimes compared to men and are far less likely to be arrested and sent to prison
  • 8% of the total UK prison population is female
  • This could mean that women are very good at crime and less likely to get caught or commit less detectable crims
  • Most sociologists accpet that women are simply less criminal tan men
  • Some sociologists have also argued that the police and courts treat women more favourably han men, the chivalry argument; when stopped by the police women are able to use their femininity and cultural capital to talk there way out of minor offences
  • Yet he evidence for such claims is inconclusive

Feminst Views on why Most Women Don't Turn to Crime

There are four main arguments

  • Differential socialisation - boys and girls are socialised differently, boys to be agressive, girls to be caring
  • Oppurtunities…


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