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Crime and Deviance…read more

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Patterns of crime
A. All levels of recorded crime have
increased in the last 10 years
B. Most levels of recorded crime have
fallen but violent crime has risen
C. All levels of recorded crime have
fallen in the last 10 years
Which of the above is true?…read more

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Patterns of crime
The correct answer is B.
Despite public perception that crime is rising
the reality is that in most areas it is
actually falling. There was no `golden
era' of low crime and we are not living in
a significantly more criminal age than
ever before, as some would have us
believe. However, violent crime is
rising, according to official figures.…read more

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Trends in gender / age / ethnicity /
social class
Who is more likely to feature in
criminal statistics?
Men or women?
Ethnic majority (white) or ethnic
Youth or older adults?
Working class or middle class?…read more

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The gender trends
Men outnumber women in the
official statistics. 400,000 men a
year were found guilty of a crime
whereas the figure for women is
90,000 (2002)
BUT: self report studies show that
women commit more crime than
official stats show, but their crimes
are less serious.…read more

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The age trends
Young adults feature more prominently in
official statistics than older adults and self
report studies bear out 15 ­ 24 appears
to be the peak age for offending.
However, more and more young people
are being charged ­ 1/5 men in this age
group have a criminal record. This is far
higher than in previous generations with
little evidence that they are actually more
criminal.…read more

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