Creating a Profile - 15 mark essay


For the essay Discuss the usefulness of offender profiling (15 marks)*

*NB - all 15 marks are subjected to change, this is merely an example of one of the many types of 15 marks that may be asked.

Paragraph 1:

In order for psychological research to be considered useful, it must have postive application that benefits society. Offender profiling helps narrow the search down for criminals which saves time and can help catch the prepetrators e.g. the top-down approach immediately categories the suspect as organised or disorganised to narrow the search. Also, the bottom-up approach helps detectives understand the likelihood od reoffending and helps determine jail time. Finally, case studies help understand the causes and consequences of criminal behaviour which prevents injustice.

Paragraph 2:

Another factor that needs to be consdered when discussing usefulness is ethics. Unethical research has limited use as it can not be repeated and infringes on guidelines. Confidentiality has been breeched in the bottom-up approach as the accounts from the victim and their rapesre being shown to people outside the police departmen, therefore their identity is no longer confidential. Also, withdrawl is not an option for offenders being studied as they are not asked for permission such as in the case study. This suggests that the research is unethical, therefore not


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