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  • was the fore-runner to Frankfurt
  • looked for support from the German public
  • the first meeting 31st March 1848
  • their aim was to create a constitution for a new united Germany
  • it was decided that the parliament shall meet at Frankfurt
  • the representatives in the parliament were voted by civilians
  • but the only people who could vote were those economically independent; rules out those who got poor aid, women etc


  • the voting was carried out fairly swiftly
  • it was May 1848 when Frankfurt parliament first met
  • a large number of members were acutally middle class - teachers, lawyers, etc. - therefore it didn't represent the whole of Germany
  • over 80% also had a university degree
  • only one peasant out of the 596 members

The Work:

  • the members got straight to work within a month
  • parliament had an issue of agreeing on a constitution
  • basic human rights were…


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