Contenders in the Power Struggle

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Lenin's Testament:

"the favourite of the whole party" "most able foce among the youngest! "his theoretical views can only with the very greatest doubt regarded as fully Marxist"

Relationship with Lenin:

Admired Lenin. 1916, wrote to Lenin "i have the greatest respect for you". Teacher (Lenin) Bukharin (Golden boy) headed the first communist opposition - doesn't fully agree. Embraced Lenin's new economic policy.

Party Appeal:

1921, a foreign visitor "named in Russia as the eventual successor to Lenin" "reputation for honesty, fairness and incorruptibility.

Party Powerbase/Government Powerbase:

  • Considered as the party's ideological handbook, enabling of propaganda, responsible for communist education academies, taught aspiring future party workers. In charge of education. Candidate member of Politburo: can't vote when it comes to important decisions. Editor of 2 big newspapers - "Pravda" and "Communist"
  • No Gov. Powerbase.

Revolutionary Record:

Leading lights in Moscow communist party 1917. After October revolution, influenced compatriots to seize power in Moscow encouraging Germans to seize power.


Lenin's Testament:

Lack of vision/direction. "I will only remind you


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